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*From a nurse and Vietnam veteran:  "An excellent book telling the story of how a tragic event can bring forth great change and reflection involving an entire family.  The members of the family and their friends, as well, were affected by the events that occurred.  The author managed to weave a story that took many turns and proved to be very moving and insightful."

*From a hospice worker:  "All those things we try to hide, those guilts that ruin our morning sleep-in time, those cringe-worthy assaults on our soul.  Carnie walks us through them and we discover that we are really not alone.  We don't get through adulthood without those wounds."

*From a retired small town city council member:  "Carnie's Child drew me in from the beginning.  I didn't want to put it down.  I found myself crying, laughing, and wanting more."

*From a 100-year-old reader:  "My mother never showed me any affection.  I believe it's affected me my whole life."

*From a teacher:  "You will be drawn into the story and anxious to keep reading.  There is a lot to think about when you have finished reading it.  I highly recommend this book."

*From a reader from the state of Washington:  "I now know that anger is okay."

*From an anonymous reader:  "I was in a physically abusive marriage.  I never talked about it."

*From a psychologist:  "I now am giving myself permission to look for a brother who was given up for adoption."

Recently published...Carnie's Child

by Lois Rafferty

Not one of us gets through adulthood escaping grief.  We grieve for lost lives, lost dreams, lost loves.  However it comes into our lives, grief must be dealt with and its process can feel lonely and harsh.

This is story about grief.  A woman's car skids through wet leaves one foggy autumn evening, instantly killing a child.  In that moment, her carefully ordered life comes apart.  A complex journey that involves a painful reexamination of her marriage, her ties to her adult children, her career, closest friendship, an adulterous relationship, and her own childhood, parallels her exhausting fight for her own survival.  At the center of the struggle is the child who has perished.  To make peace with this child, to assuage her guilt, she must revisit another child: the child she herself had been, a child she had long ago chosen to leave behind.  She must then decide: does she deserve to go on?  Does she even want to?  Or will she find the courage to battle back to wholeness and sanity?  That decision, hers alone to make, will forever alter the lives of the people she most loves. 

The price of the book  with shipping and handling is $19.26. To order a copy please contact the author at:  lorafferty3@gmail.com

Or Order Carnie's Child @Amazon.com .  The book is also available at a number of independent book stores and libraries in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We are in the process of marketing the book to venues in other states.  If your book store doesn't have it, please ask for it.

About the Author

Lois Rafferty writes and speaks about issues of loss and recovery.  She teaches human services courses for Metropolitan State University.  Lois lives in Minneapolis with her husband John and cat, Jenny Amanda.

The author's goal, with this novel, was to explore her interest in grief and survival.  She knows about struggles inherent to loss and change; she believes in the power of healing, via friendship, family, internal fortitude, and faith.  If this story has a message, it is, simply this:  the darkest journeys are endurable; we do our best; we muddle through; and finally, strength of spirit can be impenetrable.  Therein lies the mystery in being human; therein lies the hope.  

The author is available for speaking engagements and book signings, and can be contacted at the above email address.